On October 21st – November 4th 2017Soul & Surf are really excited to be able to offer a two week long, all inclusive, pop-up surf and yoga retreat in Lombok that is aimed at all levels of surfer and yogi. So if you’ve never ever stepped on a yoga mat, seen a surfboard or you are an enlightened Kassia Meador this pop-up will cater for you.

Lombok is fondly described as Bali 20 years ago and it is this reason why the Soul & Surf team will be running an exclusive pop-up retreat away from their permanent retreats in Sri Lanka and India. Offering fun, warm and consistent waves away from the crowds, with a nice balance between the hot dry season and the wet season with clear mornings and cooler afternoons and less crowds than the main season.

You have the choice of either a 7 or a 14 night stay in a collection of small villas overlooking the stunning Ekas bay where Soul & Surf will be offering surf lessons and yoga classes for all abilities with Rachel and Adam. You’ll be able to check the waves from your room before walking down to the surf.

Get ready to practise yoga daily to give you the chance to really feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice; if you’re already a seasoned yogi you’ll have the chance to go deeper and really focus on your practice for a week, or even two, with Rachel as your guide.

The daily surf sessions will be tailored to each person, with three different types of breaks right out front, perfect for all abilities to improve and have fun! All you have to do is get yourself to Lombok International Airport and Soul & Surf will take care of the rest.

Find out more about Lombok and yoga

with Roxy Fitness Ambassador and Soul & Surf’s yoga teacher Rachel Lingham:

What type of yoga can guests expect?
The sessions will be a mixture of Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, and will be very much focused on the effects that surfing so intensively can have on our bodies, and our minds! 

Where do the yoga sessions take place?
Yoga will be practised in the beautiful new shala on top of the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean, with the sound of the waves in the background. Bliss.

What can guests expect from Lombok?
Lombok is often and fondly described as Bali 20 years ago, meaning our guests can expect a less crowded Indonesian surf trip, without travelling to the outer islands (and being able to get a decent coffee!)  It is a beautiful island, and the perfect place to relax and get some sunshine!

What are the people like and what is the culture like in Lombok?
Working with the locals is amazing, they are so hospitable and friendly.  Lombok has a rich and vibrant indigenous culture, who have their own traditions and language that differs from the rest of Indonesia.  It is much less hectic than it’s more famous neighbour, Bali, and there is loads to do away from the waves.

What are your top 3 things about Lombok?
1: Early morning surfs with consistent offshore winds, and clean, peeling waves (no better way to start the day!)
2: Going for a ride on the scooter and exploring the gorgeous scenery
3: Getting away from the chilly UK and enjoying the warmth of the ocean without a wetsuit!

Photo: Alejo Achaval

What are your top 5 things to pack for a Soul & Surf pop-up trip?
1: My single fin
2: A very strong, reliable bikini to surf in (no one likes to be distracted in the ocean by the three-point check)
3: A good book
4: Travel guitar
5: Marmite

What’s the surf like there?
We’ve chosen autumn for this trip as the waves in Lombok are still consistent, without being as scary as their peak wave season.  It’s the right balance between not to big and not too small, and the perfect place to improve surf skills. There are also great waves for all abilities right out the front of where we are staying, which are perfect to learn, progress and shred on! And the water is warm, which is always a bonus.

How many sessions of surf and yoga do guests do a day?
Surf sessions will usually be held at sunrise and sunset – but at this time of year the wind can be offshore all day, so there might be a chance to be in the sea until our arms fall off.  And we will be practising yoga daily, mixing it up between dynamic flow, and restorative yin when we all need it!

Photo: Alejo Achaval

For more information and to book your Lombok Soul & Surf trip head to www.soulandsurf.com/pop-ups/lombok/

Prices from £1200 per person, per week