Talented jewellery maker and surfer Sadie Hodgson shows us how to turn an old mirror into a piece of beach art using sea glass collected at local beaches. 

Do you have a mirror that’s looking a little lacklustre? Follow this step-by-step guide to give it a new lease of life using recycled sea glass. All you need is Evo-stik or a glue gun and some lovely beach combed treasure.

1. Collect lots of sea glass.
2. Clean your mirror to ensure it’s completely clean and grease free.
3. Plan where you would like your glass – think about colours and shapes. Once the glue is on there’s no going back!

4. Squeeze a good amount of glue onto frame or glass where you want to add the shells.
5. Start creating!

5. Add more layers on top to give depth and texture, until you reach your desired effect.
6. Let it dry. Give it a good 24 hours before you hang it up.

Tips and tricks
Use larger sea glass for the base and fill in the gaps with smaller pieces.

Use your imagination
The same process can be applied to jars, vases and bowls – whatever you want to revamp. Why not try making one with driftwood?

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This article first appeared in an issue of SurfGirl.