Fuel your body with nourishing, tasty food and feel great with the new Good Vibes Cookbook.

Photos Mike Searle

Inspired by travel, surfing and a healthy outdoors lifestyle, the Good Vibes Cookbook is the latest publication by the authors of the Surf Café Cookbook and Surf Café Living. Packed with delicious, nutritious recipes using ‘clean’ foods, it beckons you to enjoy vibrant, tasty dishes that are good for you. 

With the book being published next month we caught up with co-author Jane Lamberth to find out more.

Jane, what’s your fave recipe in the book? Well I am a real brunch person so I love the Moroccan Scramble. I find in the mornings it’s easy to get into a rut of doing the same thing most days – so for me this is a really easy dish to make but the flavour is awesome. Now that we have a child I find I do more day time entertaining and having people over for brunch where the kids can run around is perfect and this is my go to dish every time.

How easy is it to cook the recipes in the book? Are they time consuming or complicated? So most of them are super easy – our goal was to make it easy for people to get in the kitchen and regain confidence in preparing meals again. Even down to the smoothies- just to start with something simple like that a few times a week builds up a desire to eat  better. Lots of them are only a couple of steps and act like an anchor to inspire new flavours in your cooking. Of course there are some more complicated dishes in there that we couldn’t resist as they are so awesome- but you can build up to those.

What do you think about all the gluten free/dairy free allergies? I definitely believe in moderation.It does worry me all the different takes on eating, from paleo, to dairy free and it feels like there is a new trend every month. I don’t believe any one food group should be avoided – in fact some say that creates intolerance’s in itself. My nephew is a severe ceoliac and the minute gluten touches his lips he is suffering – so I totally get that. But unless you have a serious intolerance I think all foods can be enjoyed by everyone and they all have a place in our diet. 

Sometimes I strip it back to these three things; eat organic drink more water eat more greens

Simple! 🙂

What do you reckon are the five most important things about cooking well; • Take your time. • If you are following a recipe, read it through first and make sure you have everything. • Buy the best you can afford- sometimes less is more and quality products can really make a dish. • Cook what you enjoy eating so you will be encouraged to cook more. • Sharp knives – make life so much easier! and a nutri bullet – awesome for sauces.

Would you say living on the west coast of Ireland influences your cooking and how so? Oh totally! Where we live is so beautiful and unspoilt it makes you want to bring that into your cooking too. We have access to amazing quality meat and organic veg – so it’s easy to prepare tasty meals with minimal effort. All of our friends live near by and we don’t exactly have traffic issues so we tend to do a lot of entertaining and outdoor eating. It’s all quite simple but wholesome

Where’s your fave surf spot in Ireland? I have to say Strandhill as it’s where I surf the most. I know most people in the water and the atmosphere is great. I can also be back in work within 10 minutes of getting out of the surf so that’s always a bonus. When I want to switch off and get away from work I love heading further north to Bundoran for a total change of scene. I usually spend half a day out then and it feels much more soulful in a way.

About Good Vibes Cookbook You’ll find the pages stuffed with nourishing, mouth-watering recipes that will enrich your diet and make you feel great. Wake up to energising snacks such as the Super Green ‘Superman’ Smoothie, Buddha Breakfast Bowl, Ricotta Hotcakes and Coconut Butter Coffee. Learn how to create amazing dishes like Asian Slaw, Pea and Trout Salad, Slow Poached Coconut Chicken and Hazelnut Lamb Koftas. Feed your sweet tooth with healthy Elderflower and Raspberry Cake, Deliciously Decadent Doughnuts and Vegan Chocolate Ice-cream. This will encourage you to spend more time in the kitchen, fuel your body the right way and ensure that you feel the good vibes every time you flick through the pages of gorgeous recipes in this cookbook. 

From this book you will: • Master your cooking and plan your week ahead with authentic, clean recipes • Wake up to power-boosting breakfasts • Discover how to make vibrant, healthy lunches Indulge your sweet side with both naughty and nourishing treats • Learn to create simple and satisfying suppers