ELLIE TURNER: The Wavepool Interview

Wave pools are THE hot topic in surfing right now. What with Kelly’s wave pool’s semi official launch, WSL system involvement, chat about Olympics and the next wave of WaveGarden technology just around the corner. With that in mind we caught up with British sensation Ellie Turner fresh after a couple of days training at the Wavegarden facility in Wales at Surf Snowdonia.

How do the waves at Surf Snowdonia differ from what you find in the sea?
I think the main difference is basically that every wave is pretty similar. You know what you are about to ride and so it’s really go try try things.

Do the waves feel ‘real’?
Yes. I mean it’s a bit different at first being in a pool and no duckdives and stuff. And the takeoff is definately not like an ocean wave but once you get going down the line it’s really similar to a wave in the sea.


How does it change how you go about a surf session?
Firstly you are on a set time slot so that is different. But mainly I think it changes your approach as you know you will get another chance at the same section and so it allows you to push really hard. If you fall off you can try the same thing again until you have it.

What did you most like about Surf Snowdonia?
I love that you get loads of opportunities on the Wavegarden wave. You know what it is going to do and what you are going to practice and so you can really focus in on that. Then once youve got it you can then tale that back to real waves in the sea.

Are contests in wave pools a good idea?
Yes for sure. It means everyone has the exact same opportunities. It takes the positioning and tactics and luck out of it.

If you could design a wave like what Kelly Slater did what would yours look like?
Ooooh, Ok so I’d go for around 4ft and something with a left and right from a peak. Like Trestles perhaps and it would need to be really punchy and glassy, just perfect for lots of different turns.

Photos: @lasurfpics